Shipping Policy

  1. Shipping cost is included with rental fees. If new equipment is drop shipped directly to the customer, customer will be required to provide a photo of the item serial number.

  2. All packaging must be kept and reused for return shipping. Costs due to damage to Equipment due to improper packaging or shipping will be charged to the customer.

  3. Please request a shipping label when return shipping the Equipment. A label will be sent via email.

Return & Exchange Policy

  1. Under normal circumstances, rented equipment will be returned. 

  2. Please let us know immediately if there is a problem with the equipment. We will correct it as we are able.

  3. If the customer would like to purchase the equipment SLR Lens Exchange will give a quote for the purchase price. The quote will be in effect for 10 days. 

  4. If the customer rents a lens for 3 years straight, the 36th payment will be considered the purchase price for the lens. Some exceptions apply.