Frequently asked questions

How old is your gear?

Often, you will receive gear that is brand new. Other times it may be only 6 months old. I do not keep gear for more than few rentals max. With 6 month minimum rental period, there will not be that many renters for any given equipment before a renter purchases it or I sell it to the public.

Do I really own it after 3 years?

Yes! If you keep your payments current and rent for 3 years, the equipment will become yours. If there were a reason you would want to continue renting rather than taking ownership after 3 years, I would rent to you for $5/month indefinitely. Contact me about this if you are interested.

My card expired or has been replaced. What should I do?

Please contact me with your new information. You should have my email address in your in box. It is service@

My email has changed. What should I do?

Let me know your new email address and order number. I will update it on our end so we can keep in touch.

I have a question not covered here.

It is probably covered in the Equipment Lease Agreement on the Store Policy page. If not, contact us.